Diagnosing bc mets in arm bone?


I have bone mets in my spine, pelvis, ribs and lesion in lung and liver.  I’ve started getting aches in my upper arm bone. Whenever I have routine scans I’m told to put my arms above my head,  so only torso and pelvis are scanned. I’m speaking to oncologist next week,  if he sends me for an xray on this,  will it be enough to show up mets if present? Or is there no point in an xray as current targeted treatment should deal with it? Oncologist won’t ct scan me for a few more weeks as only been on new treatment for a month.  I’m very tired, sleep a lot in the day. Could this be my treatment or the cancer trying to kill me off?! Irene 

Hell Irene,

I have extensive bone mets including lung and lymph too. I’m on letrozole and zoledronic acid while I wait for HER2 results. I had a bad reaction to zoledronic with fever lasting several days. It has now reduced but I have body pain (didnt have before being diagnosed) and I’m extremely tired. Can barely walk few steps at a time without panting. Seeing the doctor next week. What medication are you currently on?

Hi there

I have also recently developed an ache in my upper arm (other mets are in my spine and ribs). I have recently switched from Zometa to Denosumab and wondered if this might be the cause. I mentioned the new pain at my last chemo check up and they weren’t aware of this as a common side effect of Denosumab (although it is mentioned as one online). They’ve asked me to see how it goes and I will mention it to the oncologist at the next review.

Like you, I have to raise my arms during CT scans so unlikely anything suspicious would be picked up. I’d be interested to know if you have any updates on your pain? Take care x

So have you had more scans after that and have they been with arms down?