Diagnosis at 27

Hello all,

Not the forum I’d expected myself to be on, especially not at 27 years old. Today I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s a Grade 3 and I’ve been told it’s not going to respond to hormone treatments so I’ll be likely looking at chemotherapy.

It’s a fairly small tumour at 2.2cm and currently lymph nodes look clear. I think the chemotherapy is to do with it being a higher grade?

Just looking for some positive experiences really, or general experiences. I feel petrified but I know I have the best support around me :heart:


So so sorry to hear that @twinmama

I’m quite sure you’ll find tons of support on this forum.

I’m a bit older than you (I’m 35) but I didn’t expect to find myself on this forum either. However at some point I’ve come to terms with the diagnosis and now it is easier.

I’m going through chemotherapy and the good thing is that if you are young and healthy, it should be easier. Your body can take more than you think. I imagined a lot of things that didn’t happen and I feel more or less ok.


Dear Twinmama

So so sorry to read your posts you are so young, and it’s so unfair however. We are here for you together with your family and that very special friend, also I think the advice from Tinatin is spot on.

Taking one day at a time at the moment and confiding in your breast cancer nurse at the hospital will help you enormously, once you have your plan in place you’ll know where you’re going.

All this, it’s very easy for me to say at the moment when you don’t know whether you’re on your head or your heels, Look after yourself, I wish you well with health and happiness ahead.

Keep posting and let us know how you’re getting on.

With the biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. As others say, there’s so much to take in, and at a time when you’ll still be reeling from the news. Regarding chemo, everyone has a different response and story. I wasn’t ever sick but did become very tired and when on docetaxel (you’ll start to recognise the different names), my mouth felt unpleasant and I went of much food. However, the chemo did its job and took away my tumour completely. I still had a lumpectomy, and radiotherapy, and am on hormone therapy. We all have a different plan for the particular cancer and stage etc. that’s a good thing too- it’s not a one size fits all treatment but designed for you.
I wanted to be informed about my treatment- what, why and how- you will find your own way forward. One step at a time. All good wishes xx


Hi Twinmama I’m so sorry to hear your news it’s just rubbish :heart: no one wants to receive this kind of news :heart: stay strong hun , but on a positive note it’s early and very similar diagnosis to mine , I had chemo and radiotherapy it’s 2 years end of may , I have 2 zometa bone treatments Left to go . It’s a difficult journey but I managed fine taking meds to help combat chemo issues while bringing up a two year old , you must eat small and often to keep your strength up and rest when you need to it’s really important for recovery, I actually had a lot of energy due to steroids , you will feel inundated with with everything including apptmts an medication, but I promise you will get through this
I wish you all the very best my lovely , keep posting an stay strong XXX


Also not the forum I ever expected to be on either! I’m 28 and was diagnosed at the beginning of March. Fortunately, I’ve now had a single sided mastectomy and the cancer was removed with no spread to lymph nodes. I’m still awaiting my treatment plan being confirmed as a sample was sent off for oncotype testing but I do know I will need hormonal treatment as my cancer was hormone respondent.
So sorry you’re going through this too but you will get there xxx

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Hi @twinmama I’m 29 and was diagnosed with stage two triple negative last month. Similar to you.

Hi everyone else too!!

Currently undergoing fertility treatment and then 6 months of chemo and surgery.

Happy to chat further but we’re all here for each other. Again I didn’t expect to be here either but we are and we can do this! :sparkling_heart::two_hearts:

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Emma, sis, and Nikki,

Thinking about you all, why does this happen to such young ladies, my heart goes out to you all, wishing you all lots of love and luck with your treatment

Stay strong, most of all keep posting this will help, we have all been there now we are here for you.

One day at a time, take all the help from friends and family.

With the biggest hugs. Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:

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Hi @twinmama, I hope you’re doing ok today, and that the forum continues to be a source of support for you.
I’d like to add a note to the chorus of support from other forum users.
We have a program called Younger Women Together, which you can find more info about here: Younger Women Together | Breast Cancer Now

There are face-to-face sessions as well as online sessions. See if you can find some time to check them out.

Sending our warmest wishes


Similar to yourself I was diagnosed with stage 2 ER+ in September 23 at the age of 29 (actually only a month after my 29th birthday).

So to describe my general experience through this:

I had a mastectomy and then ALND in October and November (one positive sentinel node but rest were fine).

I was recommended chemo mostly due to my age and the one positive node. I started this in Jan and finished as of 2 weeks ago! (I had 4xEC and 4xtaxol). I’m due to have 5 days of radiotherapy in a couple of weeks. I’ve also been started on Zoladex and will start tamoxifen once the radiotherapy finishes.

Oh I also underwent IVF pre chemo!

I want to say that there will be times when you feel like you cannot cope, or when everything is just so overwhelming. But I want to reassure you that you can get through it and it will end (I know it won’t feel like that at times). I would also really recommend accessing Macmillan counselling services via your BCN/oncology team. I’ve had this most of the way through and it’s been invaluable.

Love and hugs to you, it’s a shit club to be in but everyone here is here to listen if you need.