Diagnosis Change

Hello. I received my diagnosis of secondary breast cancer last Thursday. 3 weeks ago my first diagnosis was stage 3 but a PET scan then showed spread to my adrenal glands and spine. Thursday took me from feeling very positive and that it was fixable to something very different. I’ve spent the weekend trying to get my head round it. I’m looking forward to connecting with others who understand. Love to all on here xx

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Hi @lizzy76 I’m very sorry to hear about your diagnosis and hope that the raft of treatment options available for secondaries give you a long and quality life.

Can I suggest that you also post in the category ‘Living with Secondary Cancer’ which is the fifth choice down on the main forum page? You will find there many women who have been where you are now and who will be able to give you support and advice as you move into the next phase of treatment. Sending you strength and good wishes.

You may also find the thread below interesting as it has some positive updates from women with bone secondaries:

Anyone had breast cancer spread to bones?_gaNTA5OTE3NjkxLjE3MjA0MjcwMDA._ga_QECE7X5D5XMTcyMDQyNjk5Ni4xLjAuMTcyMDQyNjk5Ni4wLjAuMA…

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Hi, yes I had thought about putting it in there but wasn’t sure as I haven’t had my results back and I could be worrying for nothing. I don’t know as of yet whether I’m actually living with secondary breast cancer. I will find out this afternoon.

What a horrid wait for you @smb_75 :cry:. Hang on in there. We’re all here to support you and hopefully, once you know what you’re dealing with, you will also know how the team plan to treat it.

Big love to you xx

I am literally in “same boat “ please do let us know on you ver on and big hugs xx