Diagnosis yesterday

Hello all,

Diagnosed yesterday with Grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. I have enlarged lymph nodes so it’s looking like it’s spread there. I am little bit terrified as I know you’ll understand. I am 35 and this has sprung up on me so it’s a huge whirlwind. Lump is 27mm but it was part cystic too.

Just wondering if anyone had a similar diagnosis and if anyone can help me with what’s next - I’m getting a little confused about everything that is going on and my next steps. I guess I find out my hormone receptors and that says what treatment I’ll have? I’m so worried that there isn’t going to be any treatment at all that they can give me - that it’s gone too far.

It’s scary isn’t it…

It is scary. There is no way around it and I’m so sorry. But everyone on this site has been there and we do get it. But just so you know, there is always treatment when you are just diagnosed with breast cancer. No one is going to tell you there is nothing they can do. It just doesn’t work that way any longer thank goodness. 

Your biopsy report should tell you what type they think the cancer is whether it’s hormone positive, hormone positive with HER-2 receptors, just HER-2 positive, or triple negative. All of those are highly treatable with a multitude of things in their arsenal to attack it. Even if you are grade 3 with positive nodes. That’s not that uncommon by the way. They know what to do with that.

In the meantime, please vent if you need to, ask any questions, or just simply choose to focus on something else entirely. There is no wrong answer in the stage of this game. Information is going to come quickly and anything you need to do to cope is valid. Many hugs sent your way…

SJSB22 one step at a time, day by day don’t try and process everything all at once, we’re all here and everything breast cancer now can support or help you with do reach out there is the younger women with breast cancer that you might want to look into or the someone like me option, do ring the number on here too and everyone’s here on the forum too just ask away and everyone will try and help, do also speak to your team about everything that’s on your mind too they will take care of you, support and guide you through too and remit get have seen it all before and know what to do for treatments that will be tailored specifically for you :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx


getting the breast cancer diagnosis is truly scary , we all been there. I also had the same diagnosis by the way and grade 3 is pretty common for younger women.But there are a lot of treatment options out there. For me the hardest thing was to make the decisions like what surgery, what treatment, chemo or not chemo…Talking to the cancer now nurses and the family , really helped me to make some decisions. It will for sure, be some treatment  probably starting with the surgery for you.It will take a bit of time to figure this out, hopefully all will go along smoothly.

Please look after yourself . I am sending you a hug. :slightly_smiling_face: