Just been diagnosed with DICS - pre Cancer, waiting on results after second biopsy & mam.Totaly shocked still not processed it all , one day life has totally changed.

I understand how you feel! I had the same result after an elective mammogram which showed some calcification. Told I needed a biopsy to check, then malignant 2mm tumour in DCIS so needed an SLNB to see if it had gone further. Removed 4 nodes all clear! But now I need to rake Letrazole for 5 years! It’s all happening very fast which I suppose is good, but still frightening! 
Do speak to the BC nurses they do understand and allow you to rant and rave if you need to-like I did! 
Do keep in touch!

The other thing which took me aback was seeing so many women in the clinic each time! Some new and others follow-up but 15-20 each time I have been! It must be much more common than we are told I think!

@Be    Totally understand how you are feeling - it’s an odd thing and yes, life changes rapidly.  Not something we want to go through or inflict on anyone else.  
Take each step as it comes and try to focus on factual info rather than what ifs.

Big hugs and positive vibes coming your way 

I’m feeling exactly the same.  Hard to get your head around.