Only just been diagnosed 3 weeks ago , recently told grade 2, waiting for moreresults from MRI , lymp node biopsy.

I honestly still feel like it’s not real , I don’t even know how to deal with it.

Keep getting new things told to me every time get results.

Sore from all the biopsies had 3nin total. lymph nodes are to deep so was told prob shouldn’t have any more next to vessels.So much anxiety.


Its a very emotional time. I found trying to keep busy (easier said than done I know) and trying not to think any further than the next appointment.

I was diagnosed in June  and in the  middle of treatment and I still get anxious. Christmas doesn’t help either. 

I hope you get your results soon, you will feel much better once you have a plan in place.

Lou x


Recently diagnosed too and I send you good wishes, no advice from me because I am so new I can’t specifically help you, but I am sure you will find support on here. You are not alone and I think its good for us to reach out. Hoping you have a better day tomorrow x

Hi Be 

biopsies are nasty ?and waiting for results is just awful . I can totally relate about being told something different each time.

lou is right to say keep busy, it really does help. You will have good days and bad .

I have called the helpline and they really do make you feel a bit easier.

good luck with the results xx