Diagonised on the 15 July

I was diagonised last week, it is now starting to sink in, I have a ultrasound on Wednesday. Bone Scan, mir and ct scan next week, and op booked for the 17 August. I am presuming all of these scans are normal proceedure, I don’t have anyone close that has been through this, and when I was diagnosed everyone seem really shocked including doctors and nurses as it didn’t show up on the mammagram and looked like a cyst on the ultrasound. I am trying to be positive but my head is all over the place. I have two children one of 15 and one of 8 so I am trying to be my normal self, the waiting is so hard just wish I new what I had to face.

Hi taniabeck and welcome to the BCC forums.

I have posted a link below to our new resource pack which you may find helpful, it has been designed for those newly diagnosed, just click on the link to access the order form:


I have also posted a link to our booklet, ‘Talking with your children about breast cancer’ which you may find useful, you can order a copy via this link:


If you feel it would help to talk to someone in confidence please do call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2, our team of specialist nurses and trained helpliners can offer you further support and information. Hope this helps.

Take care

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. The tests you are getting depend very much on your hospitals protocol. Some do the whole lot at the beginning some do very few. There is a lot you do not know right now and that is v hard. Once all of the tests are done and you have a treatment plan it does get easier. For now it is enough to get your head around your diagnosis. Be kind to yourself and try to take things one step at a time. Please ask any questions on the forum there is a wealth of experience here. Take care and good luck. Dx

Id just like to echo what Midge says. This early stage is very confusing, scary and at times, can be overwhelming. Its the unknown that makes it so, and once you have the results, it will be easier.
I was diagnosed last Oct and now that I can look back, I realise how far Ive come and feel much more in control of whats happening.
I would advise you to write your questions down and make use of the excellent booklets from BCC to give you some idea of what to expect/ask.
Take someone with you to appts who can jot down what youre being told, as, if youre anything like me, I heard about 10% of the conversation!
Take care, Cathie


I am also a week down the line and the waiting is horrible - I had a total melt down yesterday before my hospital appointment. However, afterwards I felt so much better, and I think I was just bottling things up.

Everyone has said to me also that the waiting is the worst part as all you want to do is take control and start the lengthy process of getting better.

I spend my mornings on this website, reading things and trying to understand. Don’t go anywhere else on the internet, just ask away on here, there is so much knowledge on here even though everyone is different. The internet is a scary place, so stay away from it!

I know one person who has just finished her treatment, and she has been really helpful. But apart from her, I don’t know anyone else and it is hard as no-one knows what it is like to have your world turned upside down. So, I come on this forum and it helps me. Infact, everyone will probably get sick of me soon!

Lots of love, Katie xxx

good god bunny i am sick of you…obviously only joking! I find this forum really really helpful too, and i agree, the big bad internet is scary as hell. Have you had your results now? How are you?

Tania, sorry you are on this forum at all, its so horrible to be diagnosed out of the blue. I am 36 and was beyond shocked as it was all so very unexpected, but once you have your results you will find a way through and you will be stronger than you thought you could ever be.

As Midge said, take care and be kind to yourself