diarrhea after first chemo

I had my first chemo treatment for breast cancer about 11 days ago. Two days later I started having diarrhea and it was getting progressively worse each day going around 8-9 times a day. Had no appetite and the only thing that stayed in me was white rice. Gave me some IV fluids five days into it and felt better. It’s been two days now and I have an appetite and can eat again. Has anybody else have this side effect? And will it be cumulative? No queasiness or vomiting thank goodness. 


Sorry I cant advise on whether this is normal I had my first infusion yesterday so early days ? but I’m pretty sure the paperwork they gave me stated it was a potential side effect. 

Hi I would recommend you let the nurses know at your next chemo session as this is quite a common side effect and they will be able to give you something to take.   Don’t suffer in silence always ask if your not sure.   Take care.