Diarrhoea hack

Hi everyone,
My diarrhoea got so bad on Enhertu that I had to speak to a specialist ’bowel failure nurse’. She gave me this game-changing advice.
Instead of taking Imodium/loperamide like it says on the packet (i.e, after each bowel movement) try to take it pre-emptively. If you take it half an hour before a meal, it slows the gut down before the food gets in, and is much more effective.
I was having terrible diarrhoea/ incontinence that was stopping me from going out. Now if I’m going out during the day, I’ll take a dose before dinner the night before, and another dose before breakfast, then I’ve learned it’s fairly safe to venture out. I wanted to share this with as many people as possible as most doctors, pharmacists and nurses don’t know this, and it made a huge difference to my life.
All the best, everyone


This is so helpful! Thank you. Are you taking 1 or 2 Imodium as a dose?

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I think I took two at the beginning, for just the first dose, but pretty soon one was enough. I think it’s probably better to take one before each meal than two and then none for the next meal.

That makes sense. Thank you.

@Jacksy Hi - thanks for the useful tips. Do you suffer from constipation after taking loperamide? For me, once I take loperamide, I am usually constipated for 2 days… sigh. Don’t know which is worse: diarrhea or constipation…

Definitely diarrhoea is worse Siggi, but frustrating we have to go from one extreme to the other.
Great tip from@jacksy, I’ll be using that in future when Im out for special meals etc.

Thank you for that. I am suffering at the moment, so i will try that.

I will try, thank you!

No, that hasn’t happened for me on Enhertu

Thank you for this advice i will give it a go.