Diarrhoea on letrozole

Started letrozole 8 days ago had diarrhoea ever since. Does it settle? Every time I eat I have another episode. Would taking it at nigt help? Pharmacist reckons there is a bug going about and probably not letrozole as more likely to cause constipation…

@Northernmonkey  sorry your having this issue! Have you spoken to your BC nurses? That might be the best place for advice. I experience constipation with letrozole so cannot give you personal experience I’m afraid . 

I hope you get it sorted! 

Pips x

I take mine at night, but have still had miserable SE. Sometimes diarrhoea sometimes being constipated.Along with everything I take I often take Laxido, a stool softener, but be careful as I’ve read the Letrozole-and others probably,CAN cause incontinence! That’s the LAST thing I would want! Make sure you get sufficient fibre to bulk things out, something like Fibrogel, chia seeds, etc, but start s-l-o-w-l-y with a small amount or you’ll end up with the opposite issue!!