diary log of my journey

I have kept a log of my breast cancer experience since diagnosis last August. I would be keen to make this available to a journal or for sale as a book and have all proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research. Can anyone offer me any advice on how I should go about this?

Sorry, I posted this under wrong thread before. I am still trying to get the hang of starting a thread.

Many thanks. J.

If you go down the route of self publishing it can be quite expensive. My company did a small website for a local artist who had written a watercolour teaching book and wanted to sell it online. He told me it cost him £2000 pounds to get it published and 200 copies printed, so he had to sell it for £12.95 plus postage to recoup his costs. He also opened an Amazon shop for it. Thankfully the first run sold out and he had another print run done.

I wondered if it might be an option to take a free Wordpress blog template (available to download) and adapt it to look more like a website, then sell the journal as a download (perhaps a professional looking pdf) with payment for this collected via a PayPal account? I use a Wordpress template for a food site I do as a hobby and it’s easy to adapt, also you can upload photos, edit text etc very easily. Once it’s set up, try to get some free publicity for it in the local papers, also there are sites where you can put press releases up for free (I use Pressbox for a fashion client I deal with).

Hope this might give you a few ideas! Good luck.

hi cherub

Thanks so much for your suggestions. I really wasn’t sure where to start! I have also had a reply from Breast Cancer Research who have offered to meet with me to offer suggestions. Your idea sounds like a good one and will give me something to consider as well as any suggestions from Breast Cancer Research.

Always good to think that some good could come of the experience I have gone through like everyone else who arrives at this forum.

Thanks again, J.

I often think this site goes beyond just being about breast cancer as there is all sorts of help for the ladies who are trying to move forward beyond diagnosis and treatment. Glad to be of help, hopefully Breast Cancer Research will come up with some good tips for you too!