Did any of you go back to work between lumpectomy and radiotherapy?

hi I had lumpectomy and SNB last week and I get my results on that next week. If the margins are clear and SNB ok then I think the plan is to go straight  to radiotherapy ( do not pass go do not collect  £200) . I am sore but not in pain and considering going back to work after results as I understand it might be another 4-6 weeks before radiotherapy. Any advice or views out there? Will I have lots of appointments to attend?

thanks Cath 

Hi cath
I was determined to get back to work as soon as I could and four weeks after op agreed to work from home, I lasted a week and a half, my emotions were all over the place and I had to go back to gp to be signed off again. Im off to gp again today as am due back on Monday but have one more week of rads and don’t feel up to work, people etc.
If you are not doing a physical or emotionally demanding job you may be ok, but I think we underestimate how much we can be affected by the whole process. Surgery for me was the easy part but getting back to"normality" is taking a bit longer
sheena x

Hi Cath I took two weeks off after my op then went back to work once I had results, I only had rads and didn’t start them for around 6 weeks and the only appointment I had before them was to see the oncologist , I worked all through treatment and found it fine, I know a lot don’t as they feel very tired but luckily I was ok, fingers crossed for good results next week xx Jo 

Hi I’m back at work had 8 weeks off due to lumpectomy and re excision for clear margins . Then got cellulitus in boob so was on antibiotics been back at work a month only on phase to return. Iv just started rads so working next week then going back on the sick again to fully recover . I work with a great group of girls and missed the laughs we had so it is good to be back . Some days it’s tiering so I go home when iv had enough . You have to do what’s right for you . Take care x

Hi Cath


Physically I could have worked from diagnosis to the end of my treatment. I had rads. I did not feel tired. Emotionally I was too fragile. I’d burst into tears at anything, not good in a large open plan office. I returned to work on a 6 week phased return 1.5 weeks after my rads ended. I received full pay while sick. I was off for 3.5 months in total. I kept in touch with my work while I was off which made it easier to return. I had several appointments to attend. It was good not having to rush to them.


Do what is right for you.




Hi Cath. I thought I’d go back to work after surgery and during rads but I ended up having three ops (two for margin clearance). The last one took a lot out of me and my GP automatically signed me off work through rads. I’ve been off since first op at Easter and GP has signed me off till October. I’ve got a mentally demanding job and am also a single parent so not much chance of resting. Luckily I get six months on full pay. I would take whatever time you need. No one is going to thank you for going back early - they don’t understand what you’re going through emotionally. There’s a big adjustment to be made. No need to feel guilty about taking time off. Good luck with whatever you decide. Marcella

Do what feels right for you. I had ops chemo and rads and worked right through apart from 1 week surgery and a 3 week holiday for chemo 1 i had treatment times and mornings off occasionally. I couldnt cope with sitting still thinking poor me. I did say if i couldnt cope i would stop but didnt need to.