Did get clear margins after mx

Hi all,
I had a mx just over a week ago and went to see my surgeon today for the pathology results. I was only expecting to be told if they had or hadn’t found any invasive cells (my diagnosis was high grade, wide spread DCIS) No invasive was found, so that a huge relief. However, they didn’t get clear margins on the main lump so I now have to go back Monday for another surgery to try and remove more tissue from just under the skin flap that was created for my implant reconstruction.
I just wondered if anyone else had had this? It sounds like there is very little that can actually be removed as it was so close to the surface. Fills me with fear for the future if remaining breast tissue is causing me problems just 10 days after mx!!

Hi Sammy

As you wrote this quite a while ago, hopefully somebody has got back to you!  I also had high grade DCIS but went for a mastectomy as I had BC on the other side 10 years ago so now I match on both sides!  Hopefully, they can remove what they need to and you will have your clear margins xx