Did it! But feel humble.

I did the Race for Life yesterday and walked round in 55 minutes, which I felt quite proud of because this time last year I struggled to get 150 yards.

We went to join other finishers, encouraging those behind us. A trio approached - a small girl, her mother and her grandma. The commentator said “here comes Amelia, we’ll have a word with her”. She said she was 4 and doing the Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research. Grandma then emotionally explained that Amelia was diagnosed last year but was getting better. They were cheered home and the commentator (along with most others) had tears.

Makes you think about all the brave children fighting this s****y disease doesn’t it.

Have a good day, it’s beautiful here in Burnley.

Marilyn x

Well done on completing the race for life Marilyn.

My daughter has a work colleague who’s daughter (4 yrs old) is fighting a rare form of eye cancer - watching her in all the local publicity stuff is extremely humbling - and puts in all into perspective somehow.

Margaret x

Well done in completing the Race For Life Marilyn. I agree it is humbling when you see others - especially children.