Did religious or cultural beliefs make it hard to talk about your breast cancer?

After your breast cancer diagnosis, did you find it difficult to talk to your family and friends because of religious or cultural beliefs? For example, is there a belief in your community cancer can be caught, or is a curse? If you live in the south of the UK and would be interested in sharing your experience of this with the media, email press@breastcancercare.org.uk by 18 March to find out more.


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Press Officer

No, it shouldn’t be hard. I don’t think it is related to religion, and it is more a genetic thing. So, talk with your relatives as fast as possible to get rid of this disease and feel healthy and happy about yourself and your life. I am a Christian, and in my religion firstchurchlove.com, we accept what is happening to us and try to get rid of bad things related to us when we notice them. But, as I said, you have to accept yourself first and your issues. Then, slowly and qualitatively, get rid of those issues as time goes by. I have gone through this many times, so don’t worry.