Did you get a choice to have a double mastectomy or not with triple negative?


So I’m due to have my first appointment with my surgeon tomorrow. I have triple negative breast cancer and if I remember correctly from the first few appointments at diagnosis, I’m probably having a full mastectomy. 

im very keen on having a double mastectomy. I’m 40 and believe my tumour is quite aggressive. I just want to rule out any possibility of the blinking thing coming back. I feel if I’m having one full mastectomy then I’d rather have the double. 

just wondering if anyone has been in a similar position to me? Any fors or againsts are welcome. 

if I have a little bit of knowledge heading into my appointment tomorrow I might feel better to ague my case for the double mastectomy. 

also would love to hear from ladies that had triple negative breast cancer and are now some way down the line to ‘normal’ life. I feel quite scared about having triple negative as I know it’s probably the worst of the Brest cancer bunch!



I was diagnosed with triple positive  but I hope this is still helpful. I’m 36.

My tumour was small and I was told the goal after chemo was a lumpectomy. This was the last thing I wanted and I pushed for a double mastectomy with implant reconstruction. I was told all along this was unnecessary, I would regret it, they’d never look like my real boobs etc. I basically decided to not stop banging on about it until they took me seriously. I was referred to a psychologist who wrote a letter in support and I was given a double mastectomy and reconstruction in January.

I am incredibly happy with my choice and have not regretted it for a second.  They look great and I feel like I’ve done all I can to not have to go through this again. And the added bonus is I avoided radiotherapy. You know what is the best choice for you and my understanding is that as you are young it is not an unreasonable request, they have to consider it.

I hope thats in someway helpful x