Did You See Kylie on the Brits?

Well put Jacksy - I so nearly posted just that remark this morning.

What is a supermarket prosthesis spotter Jane?? Can you tell if someone is wearing one? I wear a left side prosthesis and have always thought it looked pretty good! What is the giveaway mark? Perhaps it is the lack of nipple!

I have also become a huge Kylie fan since my dx - and my friends clubbed together to get me tix to see her at the 02 in July which I am really looking forward to. It will be one year since my dx almost to the day. When I look at my chubby cheeks, flabby stomach and funny round head with the new number one hair style I say to myself - just give it a year and I too will be a sex kitten…I think she is an insipiration and cannot imagine the nightmare she must have gone through trying to avoid the press etc during her treatment. I think she had chemo in Paris - don’t know how she managed to avoid them. It would be great if she would talk about her experience on a site like this one day - but can see why she would want to keep that part of her life private. She seems to be a great example of the Three Fs - Face it, Fight it, Forget it!

Kylie has always been an inspiration to me from when she was singing I Should Be So Lucky…I’m not a great fan of her music but I’ve always admired her for being one of the industries most hard working women and she seems like a genuinely nice person…
Cancer doesn’t discriminate - I’ve just completed radiotherapy and have met some amazing people: An actor, an ex-athlete, a vicar and his wife (both with cancer), young people and a man of 94 - rich and poor I’m afraid this disease doesn’t care who it attacks.

(quite tempted to sign myself as 'Kylie)