DIEP after C-Sections? Anyone had this type of reconstruction after C-Sections?

I’ve been to see Onco Plastic Surgeon and have told him I would prefer DIEP for reconstruction. All was ok and then today I get a message to say that I will need a CT angiogram to look at blood vessels prior to surgery because I have had 2 sections, the last one being 17 years ago. It’s so the surgeons don’t get any surprises on the day of the surgery. Has anyone had DIEP after C-Section??
Hope to hear back soon…


I had one C section 14 years ago and appendix before that.
I had double DIEP last august (I was 38) and it was all fine.
The scan is just to map your veins etc so they can pick and choose which to use in the op.
BTW they went through the C section scar to perform the op - so I now have one large one instead.
Claire x

Hello Claire

What a lovely picture of you and your dog!

Thank you for your response and it does put my mind to rest reading of your experience. If you don’t mind me asking what is a double DIEP?

Can I say how young you are and how many younger women seem to be getting BC? I’m 48 and consider myself young but I think to be diagnosed at any age is a blow…

Thanks again for reassuring me.

Dani XX

Hi Dani

I am now 39, but I first got breast cancer at 35.
But the cancer returned last year. I was told I needed a mastectomy, but I read about the DIEP being performed at another hospital, so I switched. I decided to have both breasts removed (double DIEP) as I thought twice was plenty enough for me thanks!!!
I have got a blog going which goes into detail about my DIEP, before, during and after. if you want the address - PM me. xx

Hi Danigirl
I had a DIEP 4 weeks ago, having had 2 C sections 19 and 21 years ago. I too was concerned that they wouldn’t consider me, but it wasn’t really an issue. The new scar is much much longer and a bit higher than the C sections scar (to be honest you can hardly see that any more). I’m having a few problems with wound leakage but docs are not overly concerned - just a blip on the way! I was 45 at diagnosis and it’s now 2 years on to get to this point…no quick fixes!
Don’t worry about them checking out the blood supply - they just want to go for the best option they can. Hope all goes well for you :slight_smile:

Hi Dani
I am 4 weeks into recovery from my DIEP, and I had 2 C sections 21 and 14 years ago. The new scar is much bigger and a little higher than the old one (although tbh you can hardly see that any more). The old scar didn’t seem to be an issue. All has gone well apart from some problems with wound leakage which only started last weekend, docs not overly concerned, just a blip on the road to recovery! Don’t worry that they want to check blood supply - they only want to choose the best option on the day.
Hope that you don’t have to wait too long…
Take care :slight_smile:

Sorry about the double post… everything kept disappearing so I did it again!!

Hi Pianolady
thank you for your reply and here’s to a speedy recovery for you. I am putting my faith into my surgeon as he’s the one with the expertise and thank you for your reassurance.

Best wishes
Dani X

Hi Dani, I can’t help with the c section bit, but I’ve just had an abdominal ct scan in prep for my DIEP on the 27th June! and I think it’s pretty standard procedure to locate the blood vessels pre surgery.

Sue x

I had a DIEP recon in 2011 after 3 C Sections, 1982, 1985 and 1994.
I did have an abdominal CT nuclear scan before hand and the surgeon found good vessels.
I don’t have a C section scar anymore ( all 3 done in the same scar) just a DIEP one now LOL.

Thanks ladies. Happy to know all of this as it’s put me at ease…
Had last TAX on Friday and can feel first SE starting which is taste buds reacting!
Have CT angiogram booked 6th July and ultrasound of tumour result was excellent as it had shrunk To less than 1cm and completely disappeared from lymph node, that’s with 2 TAX!
Surgery probably won’t be before 4-6 weeks after this last TAX and I do have another consult booked with PS on 24th July so need to get a long weekend break booked in between those dates PDQ!
thanks again you lovely ladies for your positive replies! Hope to get lots more and hear more about your recovery journeys!
Lots of love
Dani XX