DIEP and resulting seroma

Anyone have any advice on how to make a seroma drain naturally? My Diep was four weeks ago yesterday and I noticed the tell tale ripple effects of a rather large seroma in my abdomen. I contacted my PS and they told me that I could wait until my next appointment to drain it which is two weeks ago. I’m fine with that because it’s luckily not painful or hard. Just rather weird as it sloshes around in my abdomen. But she also mentioned it could drain naturally and of course I would like that if possible. Any suggestions on what to do to encourage that? I’m already wearing compression garments, using a heating pad three times a day, and massaging the area. Also, has anybody ever got a blister on their new breast? It’s probably related to my seroma since both have to do with skin and liquid. Anyway the PS just told me to cover it and let it do what it’s going to do which I am. But it’s another weird thing to have happened and no one has an explanation. 

Good morning Kay,

Hopefully a better day for you, well done for getting this far after your surgery, I also had a seroma in my back after a reconstruction, my surgeon did drain the area, as I was in pain, but suggested it’s best left alone and would pass.

Let hope they get you as comfortable as possible very soon, unfortunately and understandably we worry so much about everything after all what we have been through.

I wish you well going forward please keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

big hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: