DIEP cancelled at last minute!

Just had a call from hospital to say my DIEP has been postponed, I was due to go in tomorrow morning (13th Nov)

I am feeling very sorry for myself and have cried all afternoon. Although anxious was so looking forward to the end result.

They said it was an emergency that needed the theatre on Wednesday, I am more inclined to think a private DIEP has taken preference over an NHS patient.
I have waited nearly a year since my first PS appt to get to this point.

I am sorry if I offend any private patients - but I have worked in the NHS for 20 years and know that this can happen.

Rant over - off to get a G&T

Clare (S)

So sorry to hear your news. I am waiting to go in for a diep in about 2 weeks, and this is my fear that it will get cancelled. It is so annoying when you have been waiting so long too.Hoping you get another date soon, which is not too far away.

Oh Clare - I’m so sorry to hear about the cancellation. I do hope they give you another date very soon.

Take care
Anthi x

Hi Clare

Know exactly how you are feeling, I should have had tram flap 31.10.07, like you cancelled last minute, I was told mine was due to patient being classed as having cancer having to take preference, however not sure if one of my PS private patients.

I did have a bit of a ding dong with his secretary when I got the call as they originally wanted to reschedule me for 20th Feb 08 and I knew I was being put to the back of the Q, rather than the next time slot, so questioned targets etc and if it was saving their figures putting me to the back rather than delaying everyone by 2 weeks, the sec got very defensive but called me back 3 hours later giving me option of 11.12.07. It means another crap christmas (mastectomy and FNC was 21.12.05) but an offer I couldn’t refuse as booked to take my 2 kids to florida next year and need surgery asap.

I was very tearful when I got my call, I was covering a department that were all in a team meeting and I was on my own, the secretary asked if I was OK, my reply was a straight,NO I AM P*SSED OFF, I had arranged childcare, time of work and hubby had also made work arrangments, do you know anyone else on the list, this is good amunition, especially if their dates go unchanged, the PS sec insisted all patients get operated in strict medical order so when I mentioned a name of a colleague who was diagnosed 5 months after me but would get her recon 2 months before me due to OP canx and how out of order and wrong their procedures were, well I think this may have helped in the change of dates. Perhaps not, but you never know.

Hope your date comes through asap

Debbie X

Hi Everyone

Have received another phone call to say that they have “managed” to get a theatre for the day on Tuesday, so will go in on Monday 19th Nov for op on Tuesday. I am still annoyed and angry as like you Debbie have sorted home life, work life, Hubby’s work and dog. I have taken the rest of this week off as annual leave as I can’t face everyone asking “thought you were having your op”, working at the PCT and probably would have sounded off and lost my job with the frame of mind I am in this week. Debbie I also had last chemo on 20th Dec so like you had crap Christmas.

I do feel for the poor secretary as I was sobbing uncontrollably down the phone at her, at one point she asked if I had to drive home from work on my own and that I should get someone to drive me. I asked to speak to the PS but surprisingly he was unavailable, had they not phoned back my next call was to be to the Chief Exec, lucky for him/her I had the recall!!! I do know who is next on the list and she is scheduled to be operated on 12th Dec, I had warned her that she may get delayed but was pleased to be able to tell her once my new date was given.

To all the ladies out there waiting for NHS reconstruction - I hope you don’t have mine and Debbie’s experience but be prepared in case it does happen.

Here’s to another week of anticipation before the final hurdle.

Clare (S)

excuse my ignorance, but what is a DIEP?

To Shinehead67

A DIEP is a breast reconstruction procedure the abbreviation is deep inferior epigastric (DIEP) flap procedure. This flap is comprised of abdominal skin and fat but spares the rectus abdominal muscle, if you google it you will see pictures of before and after on lots of webs sites.

Take Care


Oh Clares, I just saw this post! What a mess up for you, I was only thinking of you today, and thinking how nervous you must be getting . This means we should meet next week though :slight_smile: As long as mine goes ahead for next Friday that is, are you going to be on Laverstock ward too? For such a big op and the arrangements that have to be made its so unsettling to have it all changed at the bery last hour. Lets hope all goes well from now on and try and enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

Take care

Hi Clare,
I am sorry to hear about all this stress and worry you’ve had over the last minute cancellation. I’ve had personal experience of cancellations and it’s like being on a rollercoaster but it’s more to do with shock and disappointment plus just wanting to plough ahead and get the op over and done with. However, I think you’re doing the right thing having this week off as annual leave and getting yourself ready for next Monday. I am going to keep everything crossed and sincerely hope that the op does happen next week. At least you’ll get a chance to catch up with Biggypop too.
All the best for a successful outcome,

Biggypop - we will hopefully meet now, I too will be on Laverstock and if my op goes ahead will see you on Thursday ( I will be the one with greasy lank hair, two boobs and wrapped up like a Egyptian mummy!!!) I am not so worried now about the not being able to wash my hair as after the disappointment of postponement am just desperate to get on with it. I have consoled myself with more retail therapy and a large bar of cadburys, my new boob will now be a GG if I keep this up. Are you being admittted on Thursday?

Beth - thanks for the comments, keep everything crossed and hopefully be able to report back in a few weeks with news of my new boob, oh how I long to be re-united with a clevage

Take care all



Hi Clare

Yes I am due in on Thursday and op on Friday, you will be like a new woman by the time I get there :slight_smile:
I hope I feel like eating after the op, the thought of sweeties or chocs being brought in is very comforting!
I still only have one pair of pj’s too, are you taking more? At least these new boobs dont mean weighing more on the scales do they? I am in for 2 new ones, goodness knows what size I will be after.
Anyway, very best of luck for next week and see you next Thursday Clare


thanks clares. im new to all this cancer stuff and all this internet stuff too!

Good luck with your surgery Clare and Biggypop.

Take care
Anthi x