DIEP done

Went in at short notice,like 4 hours.Now home.Had bilateral,so moving about was difficult,and still is.So hot in hospital,and they were insistent on keeping those gamgees round me.Rightly so,may I add.Just want to say how prepared I was though,partly due to this wonderful forum.I came across a thread on constipation as well…was me,not now though.
The hospital I attended is in Essex,so some of you here may have encountered brilliant staff.THANKYOU all,again,for being so supportive and informative.

Fantastic, all the best for your recovery jilly.

can i ask how long you were in hospital for? All the very best for a speedy recovery.

I have delayed and immediate DIEP reconstruction done September 11 and now on my 7th week of slow and tough recovery. Abdominal and chest tightness plus pain are daily occurrences. These are understatements. Tightness and pain are tough especially as the end of the day approaches. I religiously exercise as recommended in the hospital. I always try to comfort myself but sometimes question if I make the right decision. I always pray the rosary to relax and to find strength. Knowing I am not alone in this journey lead me to this forum.