DIEP flap and running afterwards

I had DIEP Flap surgery 5 weeks ago. I’m a jogger. 10kms a day. I was pretty fit going into surgery because I run hills and have done for over 30 years. My surgeon sad it would be possible for me to resume at the 6 week mark but there’s no way by body can do that. I’m strong and tough but …. Nope. Does anyone have experience to help me rehabilitate and get back into my daily run? 

Hello @Matai  

How are you this morning?

I can’t profess to being quite as active as you pre-surgery but can relate to feeling frustrated at not being be able to exercise post surgery. I had a lumpectomy (which is not as invasive as a DIEP flap) and my post exercise advise was no more than 15/20 minute walks 3 or 4 times a week for around 8 weeks :tired_face:

It was a minimum of 6 weeks until I had no breast discomfort when moving (most jiggle caused something!) and even then some days even a slightly longer walk caused discomfort. 

I can relate to wanting to run before I could walk, so I treated myself to some new North Face trail running shoes: I immediately noticed the benefit of walking in them as they are very “stable” (much less jiggle!) and used them for walking and then sporadic jogs/runs to rebuild my fitness. 
Try not to beat yourself up about not being able to run, your body is currently using a lot of energy internally to aid the healing process, so make sure you listen to what it’s telling you and there will be plenty of time to regain your fitness. I did a half marathon this time last year, currently I struggle to run more than 2k! but I’ll get back their eventually and I’ve learned that times and distances really don’t matter!

AM xxx