DIEP Flap, Dog Ears, and bulge in abdomen

I had a very successful a mastecomy of the right breast with DIEP flap seventeen weeks ago.  My breast looks great, same size and couldn’t ask for a better result.  I do have dog ears which I had planned on having repaired under local but then last week I ended up with a bulge in my lower abdomen right above where one of the drain tubes were. My plastic surgeon has scheduled me for surgery to repair the bulge (hernia) and dog ears.  Has anyone experienced this?  It looks from my research that is rare but more common in TRAM flaps.  Thought I was done with surgery but she says it needs repaired soon.  Scheduled in two weeks.

Hi, hope you can take it easy, don’t worry, it’s good chance to get your tweak brought forward!! I had my tummy scar re done in part, whee scarring had adhered to whatever is underneath. This wasn’t any problem at all though I was advised to wear support pants for six weeks. The dog ears didn’t hurt at all and it all healed really quickly. Had a bit of bruising where the fat was lipo-ed out of my dog ears so had to sit down carefully to start with. The revised scars are really good and well faded and better than the rest of the scar. Try not to worry!

Great result from my dog ears and bulge although quite more extensive than she thought.  Wore a binder for 10 days which really helped the swelling and now in support underwear for awhile.  Hopefully I am finished.