Diep flap or implant


Looking for advice pls. I’ve been diagnosed with high grade dcis. I’m due to have a unilateral mastectomy. I will be having immediate reconstruction but am not sure which one to have. It seems that the diep flap is the most popular choice with a unilateral mastectomy , however I’m unsure if that’s what I want. I do understand that the pros of it being a better “match” to the other one.  I’m worried about the longer recovery and creating another wound area with the sonar site. Has anyone decided to go for the implant with a unilateral mastectomy? Also want to get this cancer out of me ASAP and worry given our current time with Covid that going down the diep route might delay the op while assessments are being done as it would involve another surgical team. My breast consultant has said that I will not need Chemo or RT :crossed_fingers: . Thank you in advance for your replies. Xx

Hi all

just realised my type mistake. Obviously I meant doner site not sonar. Would really be grateful for a reply and would love to hear people’s experiences, advice and opinions. Thank you. Xx

Hi JJ, sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. I remember the difficulty of making a decision about reconstruction. I had DCIS in two places in the same breast and needed a mastectomy. I decided to have the reconstruction using an implant supported by an acellular mesh attached to the chest wall and the operation was done all in one go. The recovery was about 8.5 weeks before going back to work on a phased return (as primary teacher) and I have to say I was very pleased with the result although I was 50 and therefore I do have one droopy and one non droopy boob! It did feel quite alien for about the first year if not a bit more but now (over 5 years on) I am not aware of it at all. Obviously it is completely numb but in underwear and even in a bikini(if I had the stomach for that) it looks absolutely fine. I was told the implant should last in excess of ten years.

Like you I felt I didn’t want to risk another wound site. 
Good luck with your decision, if you have any other questions about this op, just ask.


Hi I have had recent diagnosis of DCIS 23rd September saw surgeon 30th going for Masectomy on affect breast Decided not to got for reconstruction I am nearly 66 and realise this is best route for me I have my Pre op assessment this Friday 9th October surgery planned for 22nd Oct needs to have covid test 19th then self isolate I also have SEMI  (bi polar affective disorder) and any change in my routine really hard to cope with

So preparation for me is to concentrate on keeping mentally well and leave to the experts to helping me with this physical illness All the best whatever you decide reconstruction can be done at a later date and maybe the way to go