DIEP Flap reconstruction info from start to end result...

Hi all, Way out my comfort zone here… I decided to make a YouTube video of my whole DIEP flap breast reconstruction journey, I thought it might be useful for some of you. Please have a look, and share if you know anyone who can’t decide whether to have the procedure or not #stage4 :slightly_smiling_face: xxxx

*the video contains Photos just after surgery

 here is the link to it, I’ve uploaded it on YouTube : youtu.be/rx5-GcQG1dc

Well done, that is a fabulous thing to do, I wish I’d seen it before I decided on ldflap recon. So sorry that you are dealing with this blasted disease again.

Every good wish for your future good health 


Wow thanks for posting your video NigelAnn26. Very brave, really helpful and I’m sorry that BC has returned. Best wishes for you & your next treatments.

Take care. Jo x