DIEP FLAP RECONSTRUCTION - odd shape boobs 2 weeks post surgery?

2 weeks since I had my operation (bilateral), and I thought all was going great, surgeon removed my dressings this am and he was happy… but going to bed I just noticed both boobs look ‘squashed’ near the cleavage side and just underneath.
Literally looks like I have pressed against a flat surface and they have stayed that shape?

Can’t help but feel it is caused by my bra maybe? (Although I have not been wearing one that could squish them…
Had a nightmare re bras. Was told to get a sports bra that fit before the op, then surgeon said that the ones I got were too tight and should not ‘compress’ the boobs (shock absorber bras!) so I’ve not been wearing them. I had a post surgery bra spare that he said was fine, alternating with a post surgery sleep bra that I could wear. (Need more in first weeks because they need washing daily! One nipple scar seeping… now has dressing on it)

Not able to get to shops to get any others, so have ordered some very expensive ones from the internet, but that can be hit and miss.

I just want to ensure I am wearing the correct underwear to achieve the best result… or do the breasts soften and fall into a more natural shape over time?

My surgeon said if I am not happy he can liposculpt them down track (I have big lump under left armpit where the ‘tail’ of my left flap is, hoping that will soften and dissipate too!)

But I would so rather get it right first time here… had enough surgery for one year!!!

Hi La-la


I am nearly 6 months on from a DIEP recon. Maybe I can help reassure you a little? I have noticed a very gradual softening of the tissue (strangely enough, a little at a time and in a clockwise direction!). Things do change over time. I think it took around 3 months before I noticed a definite change, and it does start to feel more ‘natural’, albeit completely numb.


I too have found bras an issue, and find whatever fits on one side doesn’t fit correctly on the other and sometimes I find I am almost ‘square’ on the recon side due to it being squashed. But my surgeon seems happy enough with this (I am due to get lipo on the recon side and a lift of the natural side some time next year). I am not sure it is ever ‘right’ after one lot of surgery but you might find that after a while you will accept the fact that more surgery might help you to feel one step closer to ‘normal’.


I think as long as you wear wire free bras you should be okay. I have found Royce bras to be good, and also some Berlei running bras. Shock Absorber seemed to squash me too much!


Hugs to you and I hope you are okay x

Hi, I had single mx 4 weeks ago with immediate 2 stage recon. Was advised to get cheap sports bras that separate the breasts ie have separate cups. The recon nurse recommended tesco sports bra 2 for £12. These have separate cups, wide straps and a soft wide band underneath. Have found them so a comfy and seem to be doing the job nicely

Thanks ladies. I am alternating between:

  1. lovely comfy Royce popper front fastening bra (so comfy but not really supportive enough for my big boobs. Style 1010)

  2. An expensive Macom post op bra: nice fit around the ribs, very supportive but a bit small on the cup (I am 40E… Website says one size fits all but lied;)

  3. Care-Fix zip front fastening ‘sleep’/post op bra (much like the Royce… lovely and comfy but not good for supporting big boobs. Model 30 10 13 74

  4. I spend majority of time now wearing M&S zip front sport bra (model 04119401) which was hard to get on post op but is easier now in week 3. Squishes them a bit but makes me feel safe.

My right nipple and umbilicle wounds appear to be breaking down which is bad news. I am now having them dressed daily by the nurse at our GPs. They apoarently now need to heal from the inside out, so not a case of popping a couple of new stitches in to hold it together:(
Looks a complete mess right now… hopefully a week or so downtrack they’ll have healed.
Makes me want them supported really well right now so coughing or movement does not make it worse.

Still getting really bad nerve pain under my left armall the way down. Hope that goes soon :frowning:

Boy this is not as easy as I thought!!

Thanks Scarab… it’s definitely a marathon not a sprint! :slight_smile:
Will wait and see what it all looks like in 6 mths I think.
Can’t bear the idea of any further procedures right now, but know I’ll be more rational in 3-6 mths once I have forgotten how I feel right now :wink:

6 mths post surgery and I have 2 pieces of advice for ladies with large boobs:

1.AVOID SPORTS BRAS if you are larger than a Cup!!
Damn things just squished me at a time where I just needed support. Surgeon now admits compression was not good for them.

  1. Get yourself properly measured asap post op:
    Just properly measured and found out surgeon reconstructed me to an H cup!! (From an E cup… and we had agreed he’d make them D cups!!! I am fuming… they are ginormous, lumpy and painful). No wonder I have had trouble and wasted money on so many bras!!!

  2. You need to learn how and when to massage them to prevent lumps forming.
    Needs a specialist physio with post breast surgery/ lymphoedema training.
    I now have a lovely young man trying to pummel the lumps out of my new monster boobs every week! Ouch! Wish I’d been shown how to look after these better early days!