diep flap recovery

Hi all

I had a diep flap procedure 9 weeks ago and the new breast is giving me problems.  It is as hard as a rock, swollen and feels heavy and achy.  It’s been like this since the surgery, although has got a little worse over time.  I went to see the plastic surgeon after three weeks and he said that I need to be patient but I’m getting really worried.  Could anyone help with their experience?  Did your new breast go hard?  If it did, how long did it take to soften?  I suggested to the surgeon that I massage it but he said that might make it worse so I’ve left it alone.  However, I am now having to take painkillers to cope with it.  

Really stuck as to what to do about this.  Anyone with any experience - positive or negative - do let me know.  Thank you all

Hello Fairycake3. I’m 9 weeks post DIEP so we are exactly at the same point. My experience has been mainly positive but like you my breasts are fairly hard and lumpy. I’m still wearing the post op bra night and day and this limits the aching I’ve found. My plastic surgeon told me it would take 9 months for things to settle. I’m doing my exercises twice a day and I think this helps. Hope things settle for you soon.

I’m sorry to hear things are not improving for you. Perhaps a trip to see your GP might be useful especially with the Christmas holidays coming up. You don’t want to suffer in silence and spend all of the holidays in pain. Let me know how you get on. Take care x