Diep Flap Thank you

Had a mastectomy & diep flap on Thursday & getting home tomorrow.

Had been absolutely terrified about surgery & pain. Pain had been really well managed & I’m preparing to go home tomorrow.

One tip I read on here a few months ago was pack “The essentials” in a small rucksack which I did. I’ve had it sitting in my bed with me and it’s been so handy. 1 pair of pjs & bra to get changed into after surgery, phone, charger, sucking sweets & waterbottle. I was able to access all of this without any help which made a huge difference. Thanks to whoever suggested it.

Wish me luck on my first day back at home.

It’s great advice for anyone who may be bedbound or restricted movement and in hospital as you don’t want to be risking reaching for stuff when post op or pressing a buzzer for a phone charger when the very busy nurses are struggling to deal with other stuff . I had a  large toiletry bag with lots of pockets  , with all the essentials in it , including headphones for tv and  an emergency phone charger which does not need to be plugged in to the wall so you don’t need to ask someone to do that for you .
Hope you continue to recover well x

Thank goodness you had your essential supplies close to hand while you recovered in hospital. It sounds as if you are now at home, which must be great.

Good luck