DIEP post surgery


I am two weeks post Diep reconstruction. I am doing well and feel fine.  I just wondered if anyone else has experienced a painful sensation in the new breast. It happens on and off most of the day. Feels tender from the inside but not to touch but I am very numb still. It’s like  A slight prickly burning feeling. I have mentioned this to the breast care nurse and also when I had the dressings changed and was told it’s quite normal. But it’s very uncomfortable, I know its early days there is a lot of healing to be done! 

Hope you feel more comfortable soon. I haven’t had the same surgery you have but I know after my op I got all sorts of weird feelings and pains for several months . Good you have told your BCN and she has re-assured you but def always ask advice if you are worried as obviously you can get complications and infections after surgery .