DIEP recon in 2 weeks - what can I wear?

I am having a double diep reconstruction in 2 weeks, and was wondering what clothes I can wear after the op. Is is uncomfortable wearing jeans, tights etc because of the belly button scar? And what about bras - will I be swollen? I’d like to get myself organised before I go in as I think it will be while before I can hit the shops. Any help from girls who have been thru this would be great - I don’t want to spend months in tracksuit bottoms, looking like an ‘ill’ person!

The only thing I could wear was tracksuit bottoms for the first couple of weeks, (not a good look) get a good few pairs of big pants that give your tummy support, the hospital actually fitted me with a support bra before I left, but I’m not sure if this service is offered at every hospital, it may be a good idea to ask your bc nurse what they will offer you when you leave hospital.

Good luck


Hi Emjay, I had op two weeks ago and the hospital fitted me with sports bra (one size larger than I would normally wear) and a wrap around corset. Both have to be worn 24/7 for six weeks. Because of the tummy support, and dressings, I found I could wear my normal clothes without any discomfort. But, as Jo says, every hospital is different. I had my op at RVI in Newcastle.

Hope your op goes smoothly, Maggie

I had to wear a girdle 24/7 for 6 weeks so was limited to elasticated waists and baggy trousers. To be honest in the beginning thats all I wanted to wear. But I did get some magic knickers for going out. They come high enough to cover both the tummy scar and the belly button. It was a struggle getting in and out of them though so don’t get them too tight! I then could get into my jeans. I also got some cargo pants for everyday.

I too was fitted with a bra in hospital, but wanted another one for when I washed it. Again I had to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks. My surgeon was quite particular about the bra - it had to have a wide underband and no seams. The recon is quite hard and swollen to begin with. Have a chat with your BCN and/or the surgeon’s secretary.

When I was in hospital I wore the gown for the first few days and then the most useful thing was a button though nighty. I tried pjs but got into a muddle with all the drains.

Hope this helps