DIEP Reconstruction

I just wanted to say I had a DIEP flap last week at Salisbury District hospital, and my new breast is amazing. I am a size 10-12, and my tummy is really tight, but all worth while.
The operation took 9 hours, I had a local anaesthetic line put in my tummy wound site, but otherwise just had oral pain killers. I am not allowed to stand up straight for 2 weeks, and I’m walking with a zimmer frame, but quite comfy with that. 4 drains in all initially, last one out on day 5, and home day 5.
You need seam free bras to wear after, I was told a size bigger, but same cup size, but they are to big, I’m just wearing my post mastectomy sports bras and post MTX seam free Nicola Jane bras. Also have to wear big support knickers for 6 weeks, mine are from M&S and fine, they make the tummy wound more comfy.
Home in leggings and worn nothing but leggings since.
The new breast really looks fantastic, I didn’t realise how much I hated my MTX scar till I saw this. I feel like me again. All the discomfort, 6 days in hospital etc is ALL worth it, well at least so far so good.

Hi Ruth
Really glad all is well with you - great news that your op went so well :slight_smile:

I was actually recommended to buy bra extenders rather than larger bras and have only recently gone to not using the extenders!

Keep warm!

Don’t forget to start using moisturiser on the wounds as soon as they are sealed over :slight_smile:

All the best

Liz xx

Glad to hear all went well Ruth. I also had a bilateral mastectomy 9 days aand but had reconstruction using strattice and implants. Relieved its over and now resting at home, on the mend. Take care and hope all works out for you xx

great news Ruth - I know I was really worried prior to my DIEP op thinking am I doing the right thing given it is a big op. But like you my new breast is absolutely fantastic - had it nearly a year now and I still pinch myself when I see myself in the mirror and I have two perfect breasts something i never though I would have again after my Mx. I am awaiting an uplift and lipo on my other breast as my surgeon is a perfectionist and said he wanted me to look like a page 3 model! (I told him you are a PS not a magician) but even though I am not quite symetrical (without clothes on) it is a fantastic job and am so pleased I went ahead with it. You do need to look after yourself though and take it easy as your body has to recover. It was a good 6 weeks before I felt that I could do anything ‘normal’ and stand upright but I did take short walks to get my legs moving. take care xxx

Lizdeb- what cream did you use and when did you start?
Saffronseed-I hope I am standing straight by 6 weeks as I’m back to work 5 weeks today on Xmas Eve?!!
Thanks girls. xx