DIEP Surgery Any top tips for recovery? What to wear afterwards?

I am having DIEP surgery in Feb & would like any tips for recovery & what was comfortable to wear afterwards? I am concerned about moving about, taking a shower and going for a walk. Any top tips would be really appreciated

I have used Kelecote silicon gel for surgical scars.

Take care everyone x

One and a half weeks out and I can suggest a foam ramp for your bed with a foam pillow. I put the foam pillow on the ramp length wise and sleep on it with another pillow against the side of my head. Super comfortable sleeping. Also make sure you have loose comfortable bottoms with a longer crotch area. You’ll probably wear them above your new belly button and don’t want the crotch to be uncomfortable as a result. As far as tops get a few tops with inside pockets for your drains. They have cheap ones around and I found some on amazon. They have been my saving grace. 

I’m healing well I must say. They told me three weeks until I’m released to do most everything I want and I think that’ll be accurate for me. Plus the surgery results are great. I had a delayed DIEP and even with that they’ve achieved symmetry. So good in fact that I might skip phase 2 of reconstruction which would be fat grafting. I think my results stand a good possibility of being good enough. Hope the same for you.

Hi Rose3N,

I had a mastectomy with immediate diep reconstruction in Oct 22. I packed front fastening pjs to take to hospital as I knew I’d be in for about a week. Didn’t end up wearing any of them as I preferred the hospital gown which was far more easier for the Drs and nurses to access when they needed to check the breast and stomach areas. It was easier to go the bathroom too as just meant I had to lift instead of pulling pjs down.

I didn’t shower in hospital, I had a private room so just did a flannel wash every morning. Once home I showered using the hand held shower head and positioned it in a way to avoid the surgery areas which I washed down with a flannel.

Walking will feel strange for the first 10 days as you won’t be able to stand fully upright but as time goes on this will become easier. I would advise you take is easy until you can walk fully upright and then consider taking a walk.

For my scar areas I used diprobase and my expert midwife massage oil. I’m also using certabrem and massage both areas x2 daily.

any other questions pls ask, happy to help.

Try silicone dressings from ZODENIS silicone strips which can be used again and again to reduce the lumpiness of scars