Hi Everyone,

I had reconstructive surgery approximately a month ago and it was not as bad as I thought it would be, I was looked after very well.

Could anyone who has had this operation tell me if they have had fluid collecting in their stomach. It is nearly 4 weeks now and I am still going back to the hospital to have this fluid drained and my abdomen, where the scar is, still feels very hard and numb. I think the numbness is not unusual but I would have thought the fluid and hardness should have calmed down by now.

Even though I have these minor problems I would still recommend anyone who has doubts about reconstruction to have the operation, as I feel I have come out of hospital with my breast, a little bruised and swollen but still there.


Dear JeannieG

Please do feel free to call our helpline team for advice on this, opening times are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Jeannieg

I know how you feel.

I had recon 10 weeks ago with a back flap and I still get the fluid on the back. IThe fluid dropped by 1/2 nearly 3 weeks ago so they agreed for me to start chemo but on the understanding that I would not get my back drained as often as twice a week and try to hold out as long as possible . I waited until Tuesday of this week (2weeks) and had 680mls drained off. What a relief.

The bcn says it will stop when it is ready.

My back is sore numb and hard where they take the fluid from but this is normal.

I agree with you on recommending the reconstuction to any one who is thinking about it as the new boob out weighs the minor hiccups.

Take care


i had a diep done 3 weeks ago and i have still got fluid, i go for dressing changes every week and keep mentioning, but they said its ok at the moment, and the ward i was on said to pop up at any time if im concerned about anything, xx

Dear Wubby,

Do you have your fluid drained each time you go the hospital. Was your donor site the abdomen if so is you stomach and abdomen still feeling tight.

What hospital was you in they sound great.


Hi all,

I have double diep done 4 weeks ago and have had an infection in my stomach which is now being treated. I still get a very hard stomach especially later in the day and my left leg at the top of the thigh is very numb, does anyone else have this.



Hi Steph,

I am post op 5 weeks and my stomach is still very hard and tight, it gets harder the more tired I feel. My abdomen and stomach are still very numb but not my thigh, I think it affects us all in different ways. From what I have been told the numbness is normal, it is all about nerve damage. I managed to see the plastic surgeon today who actually performed my op and he informed me that because I did not have much spare skin on my stomach they had to stretch it more than normal that is the reason why my stomach feels very tight but it will get back to normal with time. He said anti-inflammatories do help. I also massage e45 into all of my scars, just to keep them soft and moist.

Good luck with everything.

I had immediate DIEP two weeks ago, only had the last drains out on day 11 (Tuesday), when they had still been 40/45ml, and had the dressings off yesterday. They said there was no fluid to worry about removing and the swelling should keep going down, have another appt there next week. I think there is fluid below the scar, centrally above the pubic area, which is hard and sore, much worse after sitting - the more I stand up the better it seems, but then the more tired I am. Was told not to put anything on my scars until all the little scabs have dropped off naturally, then to massage whatever I prefer into them and try to slowly massage the dog-ears away too. I have paracetamol and diclofenac, the latter works better.

Hi Jean which hospital did you have yours done at?