diet - anyone from Slimming world?

hi all
me again

Hi norberte ‘fraid I’m not doing Slimming World diet - but thought I’d post cos’ I like your style!

Hi, have done slimming world in the past, used to work out the syns through their calculator on their website, you need the weekly password to log in and the nutritional info on the back of the product.

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Lol, yes you are right, my slimming world days are a while ago, my youngest is 9, was trying to shift babyweight. Always got on well with that system though. Sorry, couldn’t help!!! I lost two stone last year seeing the nutritionist at the doctors surgery with fortnightly weigh ins. Have to always watch what I eat. Good luck.

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I am getting back to slimming world diet after my diagnosis in May. I have put on a fair bit of weight but it will shift…eventually. I tried all sorts of diets, as in eating certain things or cutting out certain things, and one thing that I have learnt is to be very careful before excludng a food group. I am on my 3rd FEC and as we all know have blood tests etc. After my first one my liver function was very high, that would be because I had had a few drinks( not getting blotto but a tipple very other night cos I was on holiday) so I cut back and liver function dramatically improved. I had then cut out dairy, but hadn’t thought about replacing calcium from other sources. My calcium levels on last blood test were low, so I have gone back to eating dairy, in moderation.
I reckon my point is that moderation is the key. I buy organic chicken and fish. I eat small amounts of this. I also eat red meat once a week, because I really love it. I eat loads of fresh fruit and veg and yes I have some sweet stuff too. The Bristol diet is an excellent guide and slimming world helps to balance out the proportion of carbs, meat etc.( I stick to green days as I don’t like eating lots of meat).
x sarah

Hi Sarah

If you’re struggling with low calcium, this article might be worth reading:

Ironically, it seems eating a lot of dairy to improve calcium levels has the opposite effect, and can lead to calcium leaching from the bones into the blood stream. I have had this problem with calcium deposits building up in the tendons in my arm, having previously been a big dairy consumer. Anyway, it’s an interesting read.

Hope alls well x

Hi Norbete - yes I am. An interesting observation from doing the PB diet for a week is that I was maybe not eating enough before. I tend to lose weight for a week or so then plateau for quite a long time. I’ve been plateaued for several weeks, but since coming back from PB on Thursday have lost a couple pounds. I think as well as eating a bit more, switching away from bread to other cereals may have something to do with it. They aren’t very keen on wheat there - so have been buying rice bread instead.

Finty; Thanks very much for that. An excellent article. I will start targeting the veg etc it suggests. Interestingly I have had a bit of a thing about sprouts and broccoli recently. Perhaps the body asks for what it needs. I will still have a lttle dairy, but up my intake of greens
x sarah
I gather that PB was good. I will probably go after chemo in Feb, fingers crossed x

I have been doing SW for 4 years now, just because I lost the weight, I know if I don’t go and weigh in, it will creep back on again.

Haven’t been since my op 4 weeks ago, and dreading going back, although my appetite has been diminished as I have had a bad infection, I have eaten what I want, when I want.

Have not started on chemo or radiotherapy, or drugs as I only see oncologist next week, and hadn’t thought about diet in relation to any of this, except for noting about plenty of water during radiotherapy.

I think I have put on about 7lbs, which not disastrous, I do want to lose again, as I feel better when I am lighter. I haven’t done any exercise at all because have felt so unwell, so hopefully, once I start my walking and work again, those 7lbs will disappear!

The long and short of the above is, I am doing SW but have no help to offer as I am feeling my way around all this cancer stuff atm!

If you are craving sprouts and broccoli (that’s not something I write very often!), one option is to buy the sprouting seeds and eat them in sprouted form in salads, soups and sandwiches. Apparently they are significantly higher in nutrients than the “mature” veg, and might give a little variety. I’ve just bought the seeds and will give it a go - takes me back over 40 years to growing cress on the kitchen windowsill.

PB was great - hope you get to go soon x

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Here is an interesting link regarding calories and calorie counting. It shows that it is a fairly inexact science.

Maybe a better approach is to see the wholesomeness and nutritional content of the food we eat and visualise the good that it is doing us, rather that imagine every calorie going on as fat.

Also good fats help the brain with the feeling of fullness and so help in eating less.

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Whoops, the link was supposed to show that calories, or the ‘points’ that a food has, based on it’s calories is a fairly in-exact science that has not much advanced in 200 years.

Good luck with slimming world.

Hi Norberte!

I’ve been doing SW off and on for a few years and it can be very effective for some - as long as you stay on it! I don’t know if you’re familiar with the 2 books “Foods to fight Cancer” and “Anti-Cancer”, which are always being referenced on these forums. Anyway, lots of the food and drinks mentioned would be syn-free if used as part of SW.All the fruits and veg. (broccoli, cauli.,cabbage,sprouts, onions, garlic, toms.blueberries, citrus etc) would be free as would turmeric and green tea. Only ones which would have a syn value would be red wine (5 per glass - not too bad), 70% choc - 40g would be pretty syn-ish - not sure what exactly and soya, which you mention. Another I’ve forgetten is oily fish - high in omega 3 oils(anti-inflammatory and would count towards the good fats you mention.

Hope this is a bit of help. All the best,

Sarah x

Hi Norberte
Went and weighed in last night for the 1st time, mainly just to get out of house and to see other people, some of whom have been so fantastically supportive over the past month.
Result: only had put on 6lbs which considering I have literally sat on my backside for the past month, and mostly eaten what I felt like was an achievement.

My consultant’s view (she is also a friend) is that SW diet is a healthy way of eating anyway, lots of fruit and veg etc., and although weight is important consideration (for my peace of mind), it is not a priority atm, and that I should eat what I feel I need to be to be healthy (I am eating a lot of dried fruit atm to counteract the constipation I get from lack of exercise and the painkillers). Also because I am not cooking, OH is, not to stress about strict SW principles, but my reasonable weight gain is down to the fact that subconsciously I am choosing mainly stuff that will maintain my weight.

As time goes on, I will try to adapt what I need to eat to SW principles, but for the moment, it’s good to have a background mental awareness, but not stressing about it.

Sorry the above is a bit of a ramble, but hope it helps!

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