Diet during chemo

I have oestrogen and progesterone positive BC and will be on hormone blockers after treatment. I have just started chemotherapy. Can I eat phytoestrogen rich foods? Also can I have citrus fruits and also protein powders? Is there anything I need to avoid during chemo or foods that can help get through it? Thank you


I think your breast care nurse would be the right person to ask or, if you are assigned one, your adjuvant therapies nurse. The fact is, everyone responds differently to chemo and there are many different chemos. I experienced a lot of mouth/saliva problems and a change in my sense of smell and taste. Citrus fruits were definitely out and many foods I previously enjoyed were repulsive. Protein powders were recommended as I was rapidly losing weight and low weight in cancer treatment carries other risks.

With my current chemo, I’m advised to follow a white diet which basically is what I call nursery food, because the drug causes intestinal inflammation. 

The jury is out on whether oestrogen-rich foods and products make much difference. Some hospitals still advise patients to eliminate parabens. My oncologist doesn’t think it makes much difference. That’s why I suggest you consult members of your MDT.

Good luck with your chemotherapy and hormone therapy. It’s hard work sometimes but it’s all doable xx