Diet Pills

Bought a bottle of that Adios weight tablets today, showed them to the pharmacist and asked if i could take them with Arimidex and he looked it up in the book he keeps behind the shelf and then went on his computer and told me that there was nothing listed that they would do any harm. Just wondered if anyone else has tried these pills or anything similar.


Not Adios, but I tried a Boots brand one that was supposed to have the same effect prior to having BC. The only effect they had on me was I wee’d all day, it was awful so I stopped them. Since New Year I’ve cut right back and am eating smaller portions padded out by salad and veg. I allow myself one small treat every day like a mini flapjack and lost 4 lbs last week.

Don’t know whether I’ll be able to keep it up though :frowning:

Thanks cherub for replying, I am also cutting down my portion size to see if that helps and am going to start nordic walking, i will look a right pillock walking round my estate but i really could not care less, if i can shift some of these pounds i have put on then it would be worth looking ridiculous!

The 2 stone i have put on is horrendous, gone from a size 12 to a 16/18 and my stomach now overtakes my one boob! I look like a chubby 5 year old! I hate it but there are more important things to worry about. I have enough trouble with my bladder as it is, has always been sensitive but now i am up on an average of 5 times a night for the toilet so i wont be trying a diuretic, it would be a nightmare!

Well smaller portions and exercise seem to be the way to go, but thanks for replying


I would check with onc or dr before taking ANYTHING, dr may be able to prescribe other tablets that are available on prescription that will do a better job and also you might be able to get a free 12 week gym membership from them!!

Hi Suecco,

I’m intrigued by your comment about the possibility of maybe getting 12 weeks free gym membership from the Oncology team. I am desperate to start swimming, to help me lose weight after treatment, but I am on Incapacity benefit and just cannot afford the prices the charge here.Have you actually been able to get help with this yourself, or heard of anyone who has? I am really interested to know.
Maybe this is something BCC could campaign for on our behalf, especially as it a proven fact that exercise and losing excess weight are helpful to our survival rates.

There is a thread where a few of us are swapping ideas and progress reports as we try hard to lose weight, started by Fizbix.

Best wishes,
A. xx

What about a free 12 week Weight Watchers course? I know someone who received this from their GP. I think there is some sort of NHS initiative to help people who are overweight but for some reason it isn’t widely advertised.

If you could get both this and the free gym membership, how good would that be?