i had a mastectomy 5 months ago and am now taking tamoxifen . I am really confused about the conflicting diet information out there. For example, are dairy products good or bad? Should I be avoiding soya products or taking them? Does anyone please have any advice they can share?




Hi, Snap, I too am 5 months post mastectomy and now on tamoxifen.  I was told at a local cancer charity with a strong holistic emphasis that dairy is the devil!    However i’m currently in the middle of the local Moving Forward course ( highly recommended) and they advised a sensible balanced diet, excluding nothing but obviously minimising the bad stuff, processed food, sugar,  alcohol etc. Their argument is that no food has been proved or disproved to cause breast cancer, vegetarians and vegans get cancer too.


This makes sense to me so I have a couple of cups of tea a day and a bit of cheese now and again. I’m trying to embrace the philosophy Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants…but Maltesers keep getting in the way!


I read about avoiding soy and phyto oestrogens but will ask for clarification in next week’s course.


Hope your recovery is going OK,  I just about feel i’m getting somewhere near normal, waiting for a date to replace uncomfortable breast expander implant with a silicone one but apart from that not too bad. X