Does everyone with secondary breast cancer just eat what they want or do some people stick to a low fat diet .I have been sticking to a low fat diet and my weight keeps going down, love to hear what other peoples diets are like.

Gina K.

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Since being diagnosed with secondary in april I’ve cut out white carbs, refined sugar and processed foods. I’m eating wholegrains, nuts, white meat only every now and then, fresh fish. Dont drink alcohol or fizzy drinks so I have lost a bit of weight as don’t really have much fats in diet. I’ve been pondering lately what I can do to maintain weight at least, I’ve lost a few pounds every time I get weighed at treatment every 3 weeks, nurses never say anything about it but it does bother me a bit but I don’t want to deviate from what I am eating. 


Hi Gina

Over the 12 years or so since my secondary diagnosis I have maintained a healthy diet and haven’t gone one way or the other with my food choices, the same as pre cancer. Some people choose to change their eating habits dramatically others, like me, stick with what they did before. It’s all up to personal choice. If you’re worried about losing weight maybe a low fat diet isn’t the right way to go. You’re best to speak with a nutritionist or member of your oncology team if you are worried about what diet you should follow.

Nicky x


It’s been a while since you posted about your dietary concerns while dealing with secondary breast cancer. I hope you’ve found some helpful strategies since then. Your dedication to maintaining a low-fat diet is commendable, but it’s essential to ensure you’re meeting your nutritional needs, especially considering your health challenges.

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I mostly do a low table sugar, low IG diet.
About fat, mostly low saturated fat, but I go heavy on extra virgin olive oil, I’m too much of a fan! Also it is acually good for breast cancer I read.
Also I’m mostly on a vegetarian diet, no dairy as well, as I feel bad for animals.
Many whole cereals, legumes, little fish, organic eggs from a neighbour happy chicken freerange, nuts, berries, and a ton of veggies.
No fruit juice, never, no snacks like cookies, crackers etc…
I also don’t exagerate with fruits…
I try not to gain weight, but I don’t exagerate to loose weight too much either…
Best wishes for everything and have a good day

Thank you for your experience. Sometimes I’m too hard on myself and don’t even have a bit of icecream, when everybody around the table is enjoying it…
So it is nice to know you are 12 year since your dx and doing well eating your normal diet!
What medicine you are on, and type of cancer, if you don’t mind?