Different drug brands?

Hello I am just wondering if most people get the same brand of their drugs each month?  I am on Anastrazole,  Thyroxine, and Ibandronic Acid (all Teva brand which seems to suit me).  Previously different brands of Thyroxine have caused side effects so I am obviously keen to stay on this brand. However now I have been told that my surgery cannot guarantee the brand and I would be given whatever brand had come in which would be different each time. What is your experience?  


I can also only get a month’s supply at a time of each drug which means every 3 weeks I’m trying to re-order so I don’t run out which can be stressful.  Does anyone get more than a month’s supply at a time? I have been told it’s not possible. Your experience would be helpful. 





Ooooh, makes my blood boil with all the begging and pleading we have to do!  I get two month’s supply at a time from my doc - and have now built myself up a 2 month cushion, would be the first thing I saved in a fire. I seem to tolerate the Accord brand best, but it has been the devil’s own job to get it. My doc did put it on the prescription, but two different pharmacies connected to surgery couldn’t guarantee providing it. One very apologetically saying they only get sent what head office provides, the other said Accord was more expensive so they wouldn’t get it!  A lovely person on here recommended going to Boots where you can book a 10min chat with the pharmacist to talk about your prescriptions.  I did, and pharmacist guaranteed they would provide Accord, although it would be a special order and he would order 6 months at a time and keep it for me.  I went away very happy. Till the time I had to collect said pills! Arrgh. I have had to check the pills before I go out of Boots, as each time they have not been Accord.  Once I was told they couldn’t order it, even after I’d told them what pharmacist had said he would do.  Now a few months down the line, and Boots are able to supply my brand - although it has still been wrong every time, and I have to wait another week while they order it in! Still, at least I get it. Sorry to winge on so, but you will have to keep pestering and demanding what you want. It may be that your doc won’t supply more than 1 month, although does seem rather stupid as this is a constant that we have to take.  Do hope you have some success - look up the Boots service online. :cathappy:xxx

I’m on letrozole but the accord brand. This one suits me best but I had to get my doctor to authorise it on the repeat prescription every month. I always check before I leave the chemist and up to now have been fine.
I have had in the past a couple of other brands which were terrible so it’s worth pushing for.

I have been very lucky.  When I got my first prescription from my GP I asked about having Teva, she said a similar thing that she can not put a particular brand on the note, she checked the prices and said the Teve was £13 a pack whereas the generic was £3!!  but she told me to have a word with the phamacist which is attached to the surgery.  He was wonderful, just said you are on this for 5 years, if that is the brand that suits you thats the one you will have, he just asked me to remind him and to check the bag each time.


So far so good



Try Boots ,the smaller pharmacies are more restricted in what and where they can order from .The pharmacists at Boots also get evaluated on how satisfied you are with the service so it is in their interests to keep you happy !Boots was the only pharmacy I could get to order same brand .