Different makes of Letrezole


Thought I would share my experience so far with Letrezole. I was diagnosed with breast cancer July 2018 and having had surgery and radiotherapy am now halfway through my third month of hormone treatment.  So far I have been prescribed Dr Reddy, Accord and am now taking Glenmark. Can honestly say that I have not noticed any difference between them and have found the side affects not too bad, mainly hot flushes, which seem a little longer and hotter than any I had when going through the menopause but definitely liveable with and if that is all I have to cope with for the nex 5 years, I feel lucky. I just want to wish all you ladies in the same position all the best and hope that this report may help.

Hi Squirrel,

Thanks for the positive message. I am into my third supply, but have only had Accord (fine) and Teva (terrible joint pains) so far.

It is good to know there are other makes available to try if Accord supply becomes a problem.

Hi squirrel,

That is good to hear.

Im into my 2nd month…1st month on Crescent to which I’ve had hot and cold flushes and joint pain but doable and now just picked up Dr Reddy so will see how I do with that one.

my main issue at the moment is the amount they will allow me to have…I got 28 days from the hospital as my 1st batch and asked for more this time as I work away from home…got told only allow a max of 28 days and when I collected them today there was only 14 days supply?! I’ve questioned it and they have told me they will speak with Dr tomorrow and get back to me?!

Julie x