different treatments

I have been told for me 6-8 FEC treatments, followed by surgery, and possibly herceptin and rads. I noticed here lots mentioning 3 FEC and 3 Tax. Do any of you know how they determine who gets what? Just wondering what the difference is.

I have had a good week and Thursday will be FEC #3 for me. I can tell my tumor is shrinking but I must say I dread the jittery feelings I have the 4 days afterwards and the pain I get from the Neutropen shots… at least tho I didn’t end up in hospital and I didn’t get fever, etc. I just wonder if I need to see someone about my emotions tho. I am like on a roller coaster…one day ok and happy, the next day crying and feeling doomed. I try so hard to stay positive but sometimes I just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

hope all of you have a nice week,

Hi Lee

I can understand how you are feeling as I am wondering the same - one minute Im ok next I go into panic attack mode and snap at everyone.
Like you I’m having the FEC x 6 but then 4 x Taxotere then surgery, rads & herceptin! My tumor had shrunk quite a bit after just 2 FEC but it was 8 - 10cm big with DCIS surroundung… I think it depends on your personnel circumstances and health. If in doubt ask your onc consultant thats what hthy are there for. I am going to phone my District nurse to see if I can get and help with my emotions! I try also to stay positive - putting on a front for friends an family but also having probs from keeping it in check as I just feel like screaming at them to leave me alone!

Im sorry that you feel down but Over tha last two months the only way to describe this is a rolercoaster! And yes I want to get off too!!!

Please hold on in there. You can get lots of support we just need to ask…

I m sending you big cyber hugs & wishes

Take Care


Hi Lee

Think we all feel the same as you. I am on 3 x FEC and 3 x Tax, and have just completed my last FEC and got an ultrasound on Thursday to see if any shrinking and am absolutely s******g myself about it, in case they have not shrunk or even got bigger. I don’t know how these oncs decide on dosage either, maybe you should ask. Seems strange how we are all on so many different regimes though.

As for the rollercoaster, one minute I am sort of happy, then next I am so snappy and grumpy that sometimes wonder if my OH really wants to be with me. I snap at my little girl too and don’t mean to do that, but can’t help myself sometimes. I think it is with trying to keep a brave face on for the outside world, that our nearest and dearest suffer the most. I do try to not be miserable at home, but can’t help the grumpy side of me sometimes.

Hopefully we can all get off this damn rollercoaster sometime in the future.

Take care and remember we are all here together to help each other.


Thank you girls… I guess we all go thru many of the same emotions. I don’t necessarily get snappy… I get weepy. I have pity parties for myself and then feel so bad when ppl say ‘stay positive’ but often I don’t feel positive. I also feel so lazy and wonder if I could do more if I felt more positive. Dunno…it would help if the dang sun would come out!!!

big hug,

Ahhhh, but, if the sun came out we’d have to plaster ourselves with sun block!

Agree with the sun block but it would be nicer than rain!!! Cold!!

Hi Lee

It is so up and down this being ‘ill’ thing isn’t it? There is no right or wrong way to behave, so just go with it. I have stopped putting on the act (apart from for the children’s benefit) for other people as I think it’s quite important they understand this is no picnic and yes it is hard for us.

As for the FEC/Taxotere debate I’m not sure - I was told the 3xFEC and 3xTax was suitable for me as had large tumour, was in the ‘younger women’ category and something else that escapes me now (poss triple neg may have also been a deciding factor too). I am led to understand that this regime is fairly new and certainly here in deepest darkest Norfolk I was the first one to have it - slightly worrying for me when told that!!! Anyway don 't worry as FEC seemed to be doing the trick anyway and TBH i would have happily stuck with that as I knew where I was with that…Tax brings with it a whole different bunch of side effects!!! Dunno if that helps or hinders Lee!!!

Good news on your shrinkage Mel…brilliant. C’mon Dawn, course it has shrunk, sending positive vibes your way!!!

Love and hugs.

Hi Lee,
Like yourself I’m on 6 x FEC. I told my oncologist that the steroids (dexamethasone) were making me feel jittery and wired and gave me palpatations - he promptly reduced the dosage by half and I have been fine since.
All the best with your treatment.

Thanks for all the imput. I will mention the jitters to the Dr Thursday. I rather feel alittle nauseated than have to walk the floors all day and night!

Maybe since I have gone thru menopause I don’t get the Tax…dunno…I think the FEC is sorta standard for breast cancer, it seems. I have not read loads on BC because I get scared!!! I just read what pertains to me so this is the only part of this site I read, just the Chemo section. I am an educator so u would think I would read everything I can get my hands on. I bought a book “the Breast Book” that is suppose to be excellent…opened it up…skimmed thru… got scared and have not picked it up since!!! What’s up with that? Maybe alittle further down the road I can get braver!

Hope everyone is doing well today…still no sun as yet this morning. grrrrr I feel much better when the sun is shining even if it is cold outside!

maybe you could put a nice sunny picture on your desktop, then when you’re on the computer, at least, you can think summer.
I understand you not reading up - like you i tend to just read what actually applies to me (unless my curiosity wins out), but when I do read I go as deep as I can get! We have to do this in the best way we can, and that is whatever way is best for us at this time.