difficult decision re mastectomy

Is there anyone out there who has faced the decision. I had a WLE & SNB 3 weeks ago for what i thought was one cancer. Pathology have confirmed actually 1 large & 2 smaller cancers.
My consultant has advised I can have radiotherapy but future mammograms may not show small cancers up & has advised it is my choice to have mastectomy or radiotherapy.
If I have operation may take away a healthy breast, if i don’t have op may be chance of missing further cancer.


Bummy choice isn’t it, I ended up having 2 WLE and axillary node clearance then we went with a mastectomy as they couldn’t get clear margins and kept finding more little lumps, however the report showed no more cancel cells afterwards so I kind of feel I did loose my healthy boob. However I feel it was the right choice as some of the lumps I had were dcis and didn’t show on mammogram. I’ve had a partial recon (in that she put an implant in which is gradually getting filled up every 3 weeks) and after chemo and radio I’ll have a proper one and a nipple tattoo. I guess it depends on how you feel about it yourself. I thought I would freak when I saw it for the first time but I didn’t. Plus in undies you can’t tell as I have a little cleavage then wear a soft prostethis to fill in the gap. Can wear my normal clothes now.

You need to ask your consultant about recon options I guess. I’m lucky in that my consultant tells me what would be the best option and why it is, helping me make the decision, whereas I know some tell you the options and you have to decide yourself.

I wish you luck in your choice making and will happily answer any questions if you have any.

Em x

Hi Em

Thanks, I have decided to go for mastectomy as I know I will only worry in the future incase there are any more that are just not showing up.
Just need to fully come to terms with this. I thought I would not be this bothered about it, I suppose it shows you never know how you will feel until it actually happens.
My breast nurse is coming to see me on Monday to discuss further so I will have a better idea of what to expect.
My consultant has already advised she would do reconstruction & take this from my back (would have liked tummy tuck).
It also means no rads or chemo if I go for the op so there are some plus points.
Thanks again for your views, it always helps to share these experiences with someone going through the same things.