Difficulty getting comfortable at night

I had a right side mastectomy 10 months ago and have completed treatment. The problem is that I’m a side/front sleeper, predominantly right side, and I now feel as if I’m lying directly on bone with no cushioning. I try to sleep on my left side (can’t sleep on my back) but inevitably turn onto my right side during the night. I then wake up in agony, so much so that it takes my breath away, and my entire right side is agony which affects my sleep. I’ve tried propping a soft pillow under my chest or wearing a bra with softee to bed but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any suggestions or tried something that works. I don’t want to keep popping painkillers. 

Thanks x

I will be in your situation soon as I am told I will be having a mastectomy.

I currently have an implant from a 1992 lumpectomy but that developed capsular contracture in 2014 and has been far from comfortable to lie on. I alternate lying in a recovery type position on right / left side through the night.
When I am lying on my right side / shoulder I have to have my arm bend with elbow along my side and arm by my neck. That provides a bit of lift so I do not have full weight on my chest.
Apologies if you have tried that and yes, it can take an age to adjust to a new sleeping position

Have you tried one of the heart shaped pillows tucked under your arm? I found this helped me get comfortable. Although I guess it might depend on how much you sleep on your front rather than on your arm.

A friend suggested trying one of the L shaped pillows, or maybe a wedge shape, as finding a way to feel on the correct side but preventing rolling completely over. A firmer pillow might have the same effect?

Hi Maggles,

Wondering if some well positioned bands of folded fleece blankets running horizontally across the bed might help? I’ve previously used this approach when I had bad lower back ache, for gentle but soft support. Additionally the soft fleece is rather mega comforting helping distract from any pain!

After diagnosis and op I had a lot of back and shoulder nerve pain (I’d been holding myself oddly since I had really severe bruising and swelling after core needle biopsy). I used a mega soft folded towel carefully positioned to support and keep me in a more comfortable position. 

Hoping one the suggestions posted in this thread helps you.

Keep trying different things and sooner or later you should find a good solution.

XXX Seabreeze

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble sleeping. I’m the same. Had a mastectomy snd struggling to get comfortable. I often wake several times during the night aching all over and get up in the morning feeling like I’ve been run over. My surgeon said this is common and may go on for a few months or years!! My mastectomy was March 2020 and treatment ended in November.