I have secondary BC, mets in lung and bones. Fairly recent diagnosis and of course lots of issues to face up to. I have kept it with family and close friends who I am in face to face contact with.
I heard last night with a message through FB from and old friend that she has just been diagnosed early stages of BC.
My dilemma is whether to tell her about me. She has got her own personal situtation to deal with at the moment, but I dont now want to leave it too long before telling her. She’ll be cross I haven’t told her.
Throwing this out for a bit of advise…



Hi Helhel,

So sorry about you and your friends dx, I have also got secondaries on both lungs so know where your coming from, I have decided not to tell anyone on FB or announce my dx only told a select few, however in your situation I think if it was me I would tell my friend at least she will know what your going through and can help, advise and support each other through this most difficult time.

Initially she might be upset that you did not confide in her but she will soon get over that in light of her own dx, I think we all realize that time is precious and I don’t think it does any of us any good holding back especially when you have to deal with this dreadful disease, enjoy your friendship I am sure she will be grateful that you told her about yourself I know I could not get through this without the help of my best friend we have laughed, cried, and expressed our emotions with each other, I love her and am so grateful for her compassion, understanding, and ability to make light of an otherwise terrifying situation.

Sending you and your friend lots of love and light
sarahlousie xx

Haya, I totally agree with Sarahlouisie… I think it would be nice for you to have someone you can confide in, and share your journey together. I have secondaries to liver and bone, but have had so much support from ladies who have had both primary and secondary dx, we’re in this cr@py disease together. You may find that your pal is going through a hard time and really needs a friend to reach out and talk to…she may need you more than you need her??? who knows…but I think you need to find out…xxxx