DIM supplement - any users?

Hi guys,


DIM is mentioned a lot on US cancer sites, with some clinical studies done suggesting it has similar effects as Tamoxifen in blocking bad estrogen. I searched this site but haven’t found anything recent, why is this not discussed more in the UK?! Seems like a big one, particularly with all the bad side effects of Tamoxifen. Anybody taking DIM? or taking it alongside Tamoxifen? Be really interested to hear from you.



Hi Lvp 

I took Dim when I was diagnosed in 2018. 
I was seeing a holistic Dr who recommended it to me, the studies suggest it can cause cell death in cancerous cells. 
I have not seen any studies re dim and tamoxifen. 

It wouldn’t surprise me if DIM showed potential anti-cancer benefit as it is found in cruciferous vegetables, which along with the allium family of veg are generally found to be the most potent vegetables.


A quick pubmed search revealed that there are studies involving them both, but as is often the case most say further research is needed to confirm findings, determine safety, mechanisms etc. This study is a good review of natural compounds, including dim: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5846366/

Hello! Sorry to jump on your post, I’ve been trying to find any kind of information on whether the DIM supplement is safe to take alongside hormone blockers, I’m on Letrozole now after massive issues with Tamoxifen (hysterectomy incoming?). It seems impossible to get any kind of answer about whether this is safe or not?! Do you have any idea? 

I follow Davinia Taylor on insta and love her books, she’s just released an oestrogen detox supplement containing DIM and NAC (Im already supplementing with NAC) - I was just wondering your thoughts on this? Only just discovered the world of functional medicine and nutrition - agh why aren’t we told anything about this?! Always just ’take the tablets and crack on’ lol xxx TIA xx