Dimple disappears raising arms

I have had cysts in my breasts down through the years and more recently in 2012 I was diagnosed with fibroadenoma. I have always been breast conscious as I have implants too, so i routinely check. However, due to a bedroom refurb I switched rooms and noticed in a different mirror with different lighting a dimple near my underarm.

I had not seen it before but it is on the same breast as the fibroadenoma. When I raise my arms it disappears and when I lean forward it also disappears. It’s only visible when in resting pose.

My GP has referred my back to the breast surgeon I saw before. So the apt is this Thursday. I am anxious as lumps can be a multitude of things but dimpling rarely is.

Has anyone else experienced this and if not BC what was it?

Good luck with your appointment Claire.Like you have already said there are lots of other explanations for breast changes but only further investigation will be able to put your mind at rest .Stay away from Google and try to keep busy until Thursday .Jill.

Hi Claire,
Mostly, ladies on here reporting dimpling turn out to have a benign explanation for this, as with all other breast changes, bc is the least likely reason for it.
It’s good you’ve been referred & will see the surgeon soon.
take care
ann x

Thank you both so much for your response. I am doing everything to convince myself it is not BC. I am keeping busy.
It’s night time when I wake up with a fear that overwhelmed me. Hopefully by Thursday I will be out every step closer to having answers x

The middle of the night is the worst time ,very hard to stop your mind going to dark places .Hope you get news .x

Good news that should be !!!