Dimple/ indent in areola and dr found lump in the right breast- waiting results


I have found myself here based on hours of trawling through posts hoping to find a reason/answer other than BC as to why I have these symptoms.

I’m 29 years old with a little boy (nearly 3) and I noticed a change in my right areola. A change in texture and appearance- almost like a patch of lighter skin. The patch got substantially more noticeable in a short space of time and I noticed an indent- made worse when I lift my arm over my head. I didn’t think anything seriously of it until I saw a fb post about dimpling and then my partner made a comment about it when he looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

I went to the doctors and ​she did a full examination and said she could feel a lump. I was shocked to say the least as I hadn’t felt it myself but I guess she knows what she’s looking for.

She made an urgent referral and I have my breast clinic appt on Tuesday. I am trying to be logical and trying to think positive but the nightmares I’m having are awful.

I’m just looking for a bit of support really on here please and to gage and idea of what else it could be. Do benign tumours/cysts present themselves like this too? Could it be hormonal?

Thanks in advance



Hello and welcome to the forum


I cant answer your question however you have done absolutely the right thing in getting it checked out.  The breast clinics are the experts and in the majority of cases, I think it is something like 80% of ladies presenting with lumps turn out to be a benign condition like a cyst for example.


Let us know how you get on xxx



Hi Jessica, I was wondering how things went? I hope only the best news. I recently noticed a change in my areola on my left breast as well. There is in indentation with an appearance of lighter skin under my nipple. I cant feel a lump but I’m not really sure what I’m looking for and its painful it do. I’m honestly freaking out a little. I have an appointment with my PCM on the 30th. I keep thinking maybe it’s nothing and I’m over reacting.

Hello Dacrbragg ,it may well be nothing to worry about - maybe a cyste or another benign condition -but you are definately very sensible to get it checked out.If you have a look at the other threads in this section you will see that the vast majority of wonein with breast changes report back that it is not found to be cancer .Good luck .Let is know how you get on .Jill.