Dimples & Sharp breast pain

Hi, i am 21 … recently noted that i have one dimple on both of my breasts. Also, from time to time I get really sharp pain.

In addition, i have a very prominent vein on my left breast, the skin above it seemed to be pulled in(like forming another long ‘dimple’) I am worried it could be breast cancer. And i have irregular period … been like that since i first got it at 10years, my gyn says I have cystic ovaries.

Any thoughts please?

They seem to get more visible when i rise my hands

Thanks a lot for your reply, really appreciate it. Hopefully will go to the doctor next Thursday. What really bothers me is the sharp pain from under my armpits to my left breast. And haven’t talked to my parents about as I don’t want them to worry for nothing as currently my grandfather has terminal internal cancer ?

There are non cancerous lumps called Fibroadenoma which are pretty common and also breast cysts - again pretty common which could cause you discomfort/pain and pulling sensation.If you don’t feel able to tell your Mum and Dad have you someone else to talk to about this ? The doctor may refer you for a scan as it’s not always possible to tell just by looking at your breast what is going on inside but this is just a precaution so try not to read too much into it if you do get referred .