Month long lurker, first time poster. I’m 23, with a family history of bc on my dad’s side my grandma had it twice. I was having some odd breast pain last year, had a clinical exam and was suggested I get a mammogram but never did…


I’ve been having an odd ache in my right breast for more then two weeks so I checked and found 3 smallish dimples under my right breast and the nipple is looking a tad bit odd as well it looks like another dimple underneath it. I had new doctor do a clinical exam, he found nothing suspicious but sent me in for an Ultrasound. Ultrasound came back normal, but the doctor never examined my dimpling nor told me any reasons why I would have them in the first place. I had asked him to call me with the results even if normal and he never did, I had to call him to find out. Is this the norm with doctors?

I decided to get a second opinion with a breast specialist despite the ultrasound coming back normal, I really want to know why I would have dimples, when the other breast is looking/feeling just fine. 

I wanted to put this out there, maybe this has happened to someone here before, or maybe you’ve had dimples that turned out to be just random dimpling. 


Thank you! 

Hi Marzy,
Yes, certainly get a second opinion, sometimes professionals don’t communicate well & you need to feel it’s been taken seriously.
From what I’ve seen, most bc is not genetic & it’s not unusual for another family member to have had it, especially in older women & it is one of the most common cancers anyway.
It’s good nothing was seen in ultrasound, so it would be extremely unlikely there’s a problem, but it would just help you to put it away if you could feel more reassured on that.
ann x