Dimpling , Ultrasound and mammo clear , next Mri


I can’t find many similar situations on the internet that don’t involve cancer… but i know that when results came back all clear a lot of woman return to their normal lives and give no update so …

Anyway, last month, I decided to have my breasts examined. I wasn’t sure if what I was touching was normal so I went to see my doctor who felt 3 small masses that don’t seem worrying but she sends me as a precaution for an ultrasound and a mammogram. The mammogram and ultrasoundresults came back within normal results. I’m 9 months post partum

So in the meantime, I scan my breasts every day and then I discover a dimple on my left breast. the dimple is not close to the small masses palpated by the doctor.

Initially, the dimple was only visible in certain light and when I squeezed my breast in my hand.

Obviously, I manipulated my breast a lot to look for a new mass and, day by day, the dimple seems more and more present. when I raise my arms and when I bend to the side… There doesn’t seem to be anything inside my breast that could pull on the skin. in fact, my breast feels softer and more empty there. Like there’s no breast tissue behind even if i have heterogenous dense breast.

I am totally terrified. I am a mother of 2 children under 3 years old…

I’m not looking for a diagnosis. I would just like to know if people have already seen changes on their breasts and that it was finally benign?

Could I have made the appearance of the dimple worse by repeatedly manipulating my breast?

I really need your encouragement and testimonials, good or bad while waiting for my exams.

As I am not completely reassured, I will go for an MRI in 1 week. I’m terrified of a false positive, possible biopsies but I can never relax without being certain that i have nothing to worry about.

Do you think ultrasound and mammo are always accurate ?

Please help me , i’m spiralling.

Thanks in advance .

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When you’re spiraling and anxious you can cause all kinds of things with your body. So could you have made the dimple worse by messing with it? Probably. Messing with anything makes it worse after all. And chances are what you’re noticing is nothing. However, since it’s another change and wasn’t there last month when you went to see the doctor, it wouldn’t hurt to check with them again. Any change should be brought to their attention after all. But considering you were checked out thoroughly just a month ago this is more than likely nothing. In the meantime, stop messing with your breast though. On a personal note, after I discovered I had cancer I saw what appeared to be a large indentation on my breast. It freaked me out. I soon figured out it was simply that my bra was too tight due to be swollen from my biopsy so it was making a mark. Changes on your breast can be from all kinds of innocent things.


Thank you for your answer. I’m waiting for my mri next week.

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